Data Openness

Public site access to real-time, real project data. Encouraging innovation through transparency and facilitating EnTech Convergence.


Secure Project Controls

Via the customer portal, gain protected access for you and your stakeholders to real-time data and controls to optimize project and portfolio performance.


Tangible Energy

See instantaneous power and watch energy as it’s produced - both across your portfolio and in every project.


A Platform to Build Upon

The data’s all there – now make it work for your business.

We provide the dashboards we know you‘ll need, and our RESTful API allows you to layer on unlimited customized tools.

Not technical? Send your ideas our way - we’ll get them rolled into our next version release.


Portfolio Intelligence

Whether one project or one thousand, know immediately what needs your attention and how important an issue is to your energy production. Our treemap is ordered by project size and color-coded by performance.


Improved Model

Start with the basic comparison of actual performance to initial PVSyst or NREL models. Then advance to modeling that includes measured irradiance to reveal whether it’s the sun or the system that’s diverging from expectations.


Project Context

Until now, the mechanical and electrical teams have never played well together. We present both perspectives on the same screen to more effectively diagnose array problem areas.


Revolutionary SCADA

Control your system remotely from wherever you are. Don’t roll a truck, just swipe to reset. Remote management enables endless possibilities.


High Level Trends

For the C-suite, a top level project dashboard. Project performance that includes summarized electrical and mechanical outcomes.


Geospatial Relevance

Know where your projects are and
what type of energy they’re producing.


Details at Your Disposal

Drill into energy production by year, month, day, hour.

See mechanical and electrical efficiency over time by array, inverter block, string, module.

Unlimited granularity presented via a user interface that makes it easy to interpret.

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