Dynamic stabilizers, coupled with structural health sensors, reduce steel and improve reliability.


Smart structures for enhanced reliability and improved installations.

Sensor-based, IoT technology embedded in every tracker enables Dynamic Stabilization – a more intelligent way to manage environmental loads. Reduces steel by 17%, reducing susceptibility to steel market fluctuations and ensuring TechTrack pricing is more reliable than competitors.


Active dynamic stabilizers dissipate energy in response to real time conditions, improving the structural response over time.

Distributed data accumulation coupled with centralized analytical insights provide unmatched predictive intelligence to inform operations and maintenance teams and optimize energy production.

TechTrack Key Features

Accelerate installation times without requiring custom tools.

Drop-in torque tubes

Pre-assembly of bearings and slew drives

Same post size throughout the row

Includes world-class engineering and project management support to ensure success on every size project, as well as commissioning support with tracker status reports from VERTEX
Provides additional topographic grade following foundation analysis to minimize steel overages and ensure install tolerances; a certified commissioning team for faster interconnection and ongoing access to actionable system performance data via VERTEX
Provides rock-solid reliability in cold climates by extending operating temperature to -30C and reducing the BOS cost to connect auxiliary power

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SunLink supports commercial and utility-scale fixed tilt ground mount projects of 100 kW and above, and tracker projects of 500 kW and above. Contact us to learn more about our solutions and a SunLink team member will reach out to discuss the range of SunLink options best-suited to your specific project needs.