Insightful, responsive turnkey services from SunLink allow you to focus on your core business while taking on more commercial and utility scale projects, more successfully. 

PowerCare Services

Project Management

Dedicated project support to ensure a great customer experience and project outcome.

Engineering Services

Rigorous engineering design streamlines the permitting process with stamped wind, seismic and snow calculations, design layouts and validated test data.

Geotechnical Analysis & Pull-Testing

Analysis and testing to provide essential insight into how the soil at your site may impact your bottom line.

Project Management

With our solar industry-leading PowerCare Project Management team, every customer is assigned a Project Manager who serves as a single point of contact, scheduling all materials and services and providing insightful solutions to ensure that your challenges are met and obstacles quickly surmounted.

Our project management team can support and facilitate:

  • Logistics setup and documentation of material shipments
  • Delivery and shipment arrivals coordination
  • On-site material acceptance, including part count
  • On-site engineering support for layout, design and installation

Engineering Services

SunLink’s best-in-class product design and engineering teams have put SunLink in the top five of the overall US solar market. Every SunLink project through a rigorous engineering design and review process to ensure that our clients’ solutions meet all applicable code requirements, are optimized for the intended location and are as cost effective as possible.

SunLink’s investment in R&D has served as the foundation the following innovations:

  • An intelligent, mass customized product solution that delivers the most optimized product for a project’s specific requirements without the lead time of a custom project design
  • Powerful, proprietary software that streamlines and informs project design.
  • The Vertex software suite, a next generation architecture that fully integrates solar asset control with monitoring and predictive maintenance intelligence functions

Geotechnical Analysis and Pull-Testing

The PowerCare Geotechnical Team can perform a thorough geotechnical assessment and/or pull testing at your project site to allow you to optimize the product design as well as mitigate any issues during installation. Regardless of project size, the key is to know your soil composition and design your system for long term performance in your site-specific conditions.

Potential issues the PowerCare Geotechnical team can help mitigate include:

  • Underground obstructions that can damage equipment, bring installation to a halt, or require a change in foundation mid-project
  • Corrosive soils that could reduce the lifetime of your project and eat away at your profits
  • Higher material and installation costs through conservative, model-based foundation designs

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SunLink supports commercial and utility-scale fixed tilt ground mount projects of 100 kW and above, and tracker projects of 500 kW and above. Contact us to learn more about our solutions and a SunLink team member will reach out to discuss the range of SunLink options best-suited to your specific project needs.