Operational Data


Data and active control capabilities provide operational visibility and optimize energy generation.


Devices react to local conditions while real time sensor data is consolidated in a cloudbased web interface. Distributed systems reporting is simplified with a central location for asset management and operations and maintenance teams to visualize performance.


With a hybrid architecture, each distributed tracker controller is free to autonomously make decisions to optimize its performance, balancing structural integrity with optimal energy generation.

Vertex Key Features

Secure control on an individual or site-wide basis

Encrypted Data

Controllers, weather stations, and other edge devices collect and send data to improve decision making algorithms.

Bi-Directional Communication

Communication through an end to end encrypted REST API interface enables control of solar edge devices

Secure Control

Parameters are optimized to increase energy generation and remotely troubleshoot to reduce maintenance and truck rolls.

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SunLink supports commercial and utility-scale fixed tilt ground mount projects of 100 kW and above, and tracker projects of 500 kW and above. Contact us to learn more about our solutions and a SunLink team member will reach out to discuss the range of SunLink options best-suited to your specific project needs.