Fixed Tilt


Advanced wind tunnel and snow studies provide the most resilient product in the most extreme environments.


Strategically rugged to concentrate steel strength where you need it.

With over 2GW deployed internationally and more than a decade of engineering the highest environmental loads in the US, every project’s system is optimized.


Snow pressures can go beyond 70psf and wind speeds higher than 170mph – GeoPro withstands the most difficult conditions over its 20+ year life.

GeoPro Key Features

Adaptive installations for challenging sites.

Module Agnostic

Rolling or constant terrain

Foundation flexibility


Includes world-class engineering, installation training, and project management support to ensure success on every size project


Provides additional topographic grade following foundation analysis to minimize steel overages and ensure install tolerances; includes an increased in-field adjustability and preassembly of components for faster installation

Analysis and testing to provide essential insight into how the soil at your site may impact your bottom line with PowerCare Services.

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SunLink supports commercial and utility-scale fixed tilt ground mount projects of 100 kW and above, and tracker projects of 500 kW and above. Contact us to learn more about our solutions and a SunLink team member will reach out to discuss the range of SunLink options best-suited to your specific project needs.