The Power to Take on More

August 11, 2016

Turn-Key Solar Project SolutionsUntil now, the mid-range tracker and fixed tilt ground mount market has been too-often neglected as projects in this market aren’t big enough to attract the interest of most large EPCs and yet require capacity beyond that of most small commercial and residential installers.

As a result, this sizable industry segment has been historically been under-served and presents an attractive opportunity for savvy EPCs and developers to profitably grow their businesses.


With SunLink’s team of products+services+software experts on board to deliver successful turn-key commercial and small utility projects on your behalf, you’re able to do more MWs.

While you remain focused on your core business, the SunLink team is able to provide:

  • Fixed tilt and tracking mounting systems that can be quickly configured to meet a wide-range of site conditions
  • Layout tools that efficiently optimize how the array fits the site
  • Short delivery lead times
  • PowerCare geotechnical engineering, with more than 1 GW of load testing experience
  • PowerCare field teams that can be quickly mobilized to provide expert SunLink system installation services and who have the know-how to troubleshoot on the fly and keep projects moving forward
  • Reliable, data-driven O&M for the life of the project

This integrated approach has distinct advantages. First, installation teams are able to become involved much sooner to conduct soil investigations, foundation capacity testing and other relevant site feasibility testing to optimize the design team’s foundation solution. Then, beyond providing a project design optimized for the site, SunLink’s design team is later able to serve as an on-call resource during project construction to help the field installation team handle any design changes if unexpected conditions arise. Plus, product warranties are streamlined and issues such as part shortage claims disappear because SunLink maintains full visibility into and responsibility for the final as-built racking. Productivity and quality gains are made across the board.

With SunLink on your team, the risk of some of the most common construction delays is mitigated and delivery of 1 to 10 MW projects becomes more efficient overall. With shorter construction schedules and reduced costs, developers and EPCs can complete more projects, and complete them successfully.

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