TechTrack Distributed

Flexible, Dynamic, Affordable Solar Tracking

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Technical Specifications

Tracking TypeSingle-axis horizontal
Nominal Tilt Range120°
Module CompatibilityAll major brands
Panel Mount1-high in portrait standard
Array Configuration* Optimized for 90 module row maximum: 30kWDC per row; 3 strings at 1500VDC
* Row lengths of 1-3 strings at 1500VDC and 2-5 strings at 1000VDC
Ground Coverage RatioFreely configurable (0.33 to 0.5 typical)
Wind + Snow Load Capacity* 105 mph/5 psf standard
* Configurable for high wind (up to 150 mph) and high snow (up to 60 psf)
* 35 mph stow
Foundation11 driven piles per 90 module row standard
Dynamic Load ManagementDynamic Stabilization™
Terrain Following* Grade: 10% maximum (N-S)
* Change in grade: 4% per post (N-S)
MaterialsGalvanized Steel
ConstructionDesigned for ease of assembly; no field welding or cutting
CertificationsUL 2703 (bonding and grounding)
Warranty* Mechanical and structural components – 10 years
* Controls and actuators – 5 years
* Extended Warranty + O&M available; pricing upon request
DriveSelf-powered drive with wireless controller:
* Slew drive
* 24VDC motor
* LiFePO4 battery
* Integrated solar panel
Time to Stow or RecoverLess than 3 minutes
Field WiringNo external wiring to the controller for power or communications
On-Site CommunicationSecure, proprietary mesh network
SensorsWind (direction and speed), tilt angle and battery charge included standard
Remote CommunicationVERTEXfor project monitoring and control (30-day trial with TechTrack purchase)


  • Longest Spans in the Industry
    Only 334 posts/MW and 11 posts per 90 modules.
  • Dynamic Stabilization
    Damper dynamically controls the system. Provides damping when unlocked and locks during design-critical events.
  • Trusted Slew Drive
    Technology proven on gigawatts of tracking installations.
  • Virtual Pivot
    Zero maintenance, self-lubricating bearing shipped pre-assembled to site. Pivots form cradles for easy torque tube assembly.

Why Choose Sunlink Solar Trackers?

SunLink’s TechTrack Distributed single-axis tracker introduces a new era in tracking with dynamic design, unrivaled site flexibility and measurable reductions in total project costs.

What Structural Efficiency Advantages Does the System Offer?

TechTrack Distributed’s innovative design reduces maximum torque in the system by 67%, resulting in a stronger, lighter, more cost-effective solar tracker.

How Does TechTrack Distributed Perform When it Comes to Energy Yields?

Continuous tables and nominal 120° tracking yield the industry’s best power density and generation.

What is Dynamic Design and How Does it Improve Performance?

TechTrack Distributed reacts intelligently to real-time conditions to increase generation and reduce the risk of harm to the power plant. Dynamic Stabilizaton™ provides damping when unlocked, secures the tracking structure during design-critical events and dramatically increases system natural frequency.

Does SunLink Offer Full-Scope Project Services?

Via the PowerCare  services program, SunLink’s team can be there at every step from tracker project design to commissioning through long-term O&M. Your PowerCare package can include the full range of geotechnical, installation  and O&M  services. VERTEX’ advanced diagnostics combined with PowerCare’s boots-on-the-ground expertise further enable more targeted, cost-effective O&M.

Can TechTrack Distributed be Installed on Challenging Sites?

With distributed drive architecture and industry-leading terrain following, TechTrack Distributed performs flawlessly on even the most challenging sites.

How Much Foundation Work is Required?

Foundation work is reduced by the fewest posts/MW in the tracker market.

Can I use First Solar modules with TechTrack Distributed?

Yes. SunLink is a First Solar Optimized Vendor Partner, and our mounting systems work seamlessly with First Solar modules.



Why Contact SunLink Today?

With help from the SunLink team, discover the power of what’s possible for your next single-axis tracker project. Trusted for more than 10 years and in connection with more than 1 GW of projects worldwide, put our advanced engineering, product innovation, cost optimization and long-term performance experience to work for you. Use our online form to connect with an expert.


  • TechTrack Centralized Single-Axis Tracker

    3.3 MW
    Molakalmur, India

  • TechTrack Distributed Installed by PowerCare

    10.5 MW Portfolio
    Reed Point, MT


    Apollo Beach, FL
    23 MW

  • TechTrack Centralized single-axis tracker

    Mineral County, NV
    65 MW

  • TechTrack Centralized single-axis tracker on dairy farm

    Visalia, CA
    1.5 MW

  • TechTrack Distributed single-axis tracker

    Imperial, CA
    3 MW