TechTrack Centralized

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Technical Specifications

Tracking Type One-axis horizontal
Nominal Tilt Range 105°
Module Compatibility All major brands
Panel Mount Portrait
Array Configuration Up to I.2 MWp dc; 60 modules per row and 62 rows per drive in typical wind environments
Ground Coverage Ratio 0.33 to 0.5 (per owner spec)
Tracking Method Based on NASA time-and-location algorithm. Backtracking included.
Wind + Snow Load  105 mph standard. Configurable to 150 mph with 0 psf snow load or 120 mph with up to 50 psf snow load. 35 mph stow.
Stow Snow algorithm includes wind stow and snow shedding. Less than 3 minutes to stow.
Drive Type Hydraulic
Nominal Input Voltage 480 VAC (3Φ)
Input Voltage Range 208 – 480 VAC (3Φ)
Max Power Draw 4.2 kW
Max Apparent Power Draw 5.2 kVA
Parasitic Load Less than 0.03%
Input Power Connection 6 AWG (Max) / 12 AWG (Min) with screw-terminal connections rated for use between -55°C and 110°C
Control System PLC-based controller utilizing industrial automation components
On-Site Communication Ethernet (Modbus-TCP) or proprietary secure wireless utilizing the 802.15.4 IEEE standard and 900 MHz radios. Connected to Plant Controller via CAT5 cable
Sensors *Wind (direction and speed), tilt angle, and GPS included standard.
*Expandable up to 512 digital and 56 analog sensors
Remote Communication Secure monitoring and control of tracker array in real-time via a private cloud gateway to browser and/or iOS app. Complete SCADA solution available; pricing upon request.
Warranty *Mechanical and structural components – 10 years
*Controls and actuators – 5 years
*Extended Warranty + O&M available; pricing upon request.


  • Up to 1.2 MW Per Drive
    60 module rows are designed to efficeintly accommodate 1500V and 1000V strings. Highest quality drive components.
  • Proven Hydraulic Technology
    Trusted and understood worldwide, rugged hydraulic components simplify tracker mechanics and maintenance.
  • +/- 52.5° Tilt Range
    Makes excellent use of the solar resource


SunLink’s TechTrack Centralized* single-axis tracker pairs the most robust mechanical technology with best-of-breed project intelligence technology to deliver superior energy production and long-term ROI for commercial and utility-scale solar tracker projects anywhere in the world.

What Advantages Does Hydraulic Technology Provide?

With a unique power system based on the same globally accepted, proven hydraulic technology that drives heavy machinery in construction, power generation and beyond, the centralized TechTrack commands an industry-leading 1.2 MW per drive. This permits use of the highest quality drive components while achieving the lowest equipment cost of any proven solar tracking system on the market today.

Can TechTrack Centralized be Deployed Internationally?

SunLink’s design features internationally recognized industrial automation equipment, ensuring that components will always be available and eliminating the need to keep an inventory of spare tracker parts.

The hydraulic systems are built to withstand any environment, but should they require service, local technicians can be found worldwide.

Does SunLink Offer Turn-Key Services to Support TechTrack Centralized?

Via our PowerCare services program, SunLink’s team is there at every step from tracker project design to commissioning through long-term O&M. Your PowerCare package can include installation services such as geotechnical testing, post installation, mechanical installation and module installation. Our O&M offering provides a unique combination of boots-on-the-ground field services and our VERTEX  project intelligence platform to deliver maximum energy production for the life of the system.



Why Contact SunLink Today?

With help from the SunLink team, discover the power of what’s possible for your next single-axis project. Our trackers have been proven worldwide since 2008. Put our advanced engineering, product innovation, cost optimization and long-term performance experience to work for you. Use our online form to connect with an expert.

*Formerly SunLink ViaSol Tracker.


  • TechTrack Centralized Single-Axis Tracker

    3.3 MW
    Molakalmur, India

  • TechTrack Distributed Installed by PowerCare

    10.5 MW Portfolio
    Reed Point, MT


    Apollo Beach, FL
    23 MW

  • TechTrack Centralized single-axis tracker

    Mineral County, NV
    65 MW

  • TechTrack Centralized single-axis tracker on dairy farm

    Visalia, CA
    1.5 MW

  • TechTrack Distributed single-axis tracker

    Imperial, CA
    3 MW