Roof Mount Systems

We’re elevating the solar energy industry by consistently bringing the best commercial roof mount solar solutions to market. SunLink roof mount systems are in use across 41 US states and territories in Canada, including in high wind zones in the Caribbean, making us the most trusted racking brand in North America.


Precision-Modular RMS

The newest addition to SunLink’s quality engineered roof mount systems family, Precision-Modular offers superior quality at a much lower price point.

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Precision RMS

Solar is now a powerful option for a much wider range of rooftops, thanks to SunLink’s highly engineered Precision Roof Mount Systems (RMS).

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The products that make up the Precision RMS roof mount solar product line advance commercial distributed generation by making solar viable for a much larger range of rooftops – even in locations where it wasn’t previously feasible. Precision RMS makes it possible to install solar on roofs with weak decks and in high snow and wind zones. Precision-Modular RMS solves the challenge posed by rooftop obstructions.

All Precision RMS products include integrated wire management and grounding to make many ancillary electric components unnecessary, and feature roof-friendly rubber feet that prevent any metal from touching the roof surface to eliminate the need for slip sheets in most cases.

Our team of roof mount solar experts look forward to helping you identify the right roof mount solution for your next commercial solar project.

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