Project Spotlight: Green Power Energy’s Village Green

May 1, 2012

In our first Project Spotlight feature, LinkUp got the scoop on the 322 kW Village Green Ballasted GMS project in Annandale, NJ from Green Power Energy’s Vice President of Operations, Eric Dornfeld.

Green Power Energy is a full-service, solar and geothermal systems designer and installer, providing sustainable energy both residentially as well as commercially. Its sister company, Meurer Development, serves as the project developer, seeking out and cultivating renewable opportunities before Green Power Energy constructs them. The primary scope of solar work that the team has been involved in recently involves various local businesses and residences throughout New Jersey.

Green Power Energy’s goal for the Village Green solar farm was to reuse land and existing structures, converting them into energy yielding space that operated on solar components and other renewable technologies.

“The project site was previously a three-acre lumber yard,” explained Dornfeld, “but will now serve as a solar farm that provides energy to several different commercial and residential buildings within Village Green, as well as Green Power Energy’s offices.”

For this installation, Green Power went with SunLink’s Ballasted GMS for its versatility and simple assembly. Additionally, the installer took advantage of innovative solar microinverters and communications boxes designed by Enphase that would maximize efficiency and ensure overall system performance. SunLink worked closely with both Green Power and Enphase to design and produce a custom bracket that would seamlessly integrate the microinverters with the mounting hardware.

“After positioning the ballast blocks provided by SunLink, we were able to begin installing the hardware right away, “explained Dornfeld. “The system went together fast and SunLink was able to help us conveniently incorporate the Enphase microinverters that we used on this particular project.”

The completed solar farm provides enough energy to power to the entire Village Green complex (390,000 kWh per year), freeing all tenants from their reliance on conventional energy methods while generating an additional source of revenue.

Looking forward, SunLink intends to fully support Green Power Energy as they work to develop future projects in the New Jersey area.


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