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      Technical Specifications

      Attachment MethodsTop clamps or Dow Corning structural silicone adhesives
      Location of ServicesFacilities in California, Texas or New Jersey or adjacent to project site
      Module CompatibilityAll major framed and frameless brands
      Shipping Density/Modules per Truck256 modules (8 pallets per truck, 8 panels per pallet, 4 modules per panel)
      Rate of PrepanelizationApproximately 1 MW/week (assuming 4 teams of 4 people and 300W modules)

      SunLink Prepanelization

      SunLink’s Precision RMSand GeoPro feature prepanelization as part of system assembly — as the substructure is being installed, the modules are simultaneously prepanelized with racking hardware into assemblies of 2, 3 or 4 to speed up module installation by 50 percent.

      Though Precision RMS customers can choose to prepanelize the modules with SunLink components themselves, more and more installers are taking advantage of SunLink’s Precision RMS prepanelization service through which trained prepanelization teams complete the entire prepanelization processin a controlled, organized facility to optimize installation speed and quality. SunLink performs several QC inspections prior to shipping ready-to-install panel+hardware assemblies to the project site where they can be immediately installed on the system foundation.

      Now, as part of a special collaboration with Dow Corning Corporation, a global leader in silicone technology, SunLink also offers prepanelization for glass-on-glass modules using adhesive in place of traditional clamps. This industry-first adhesive module-to-racking solution will save installers significant time and money by reducing material costs and speeding installation rates like never before.

      Dow Corning® structural silicone adhesives have been trusted by the building industry for decades. In fact, many of the world’s most famous glass facades were constructed using Dow Corning structural silicone adhesives, including Kuala Lumpur’s Petronas Twin Towers, Dubai’s Burj skyscraper and Manhattan’s Time Warner Center. This same building-proven structural silicone adhesive technology bonds modules directly to SunLink’s racking hardware with unmatched performance, including weather and ultraviolet light (UV) resistance.

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