Precision-Modular RMS

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Technical Specifications

Avg. Distributed Weight:3.5-6.5 PSF (Fully Ballasted, Up to 130 MPH)
Tilt Angles:10°
Roof Applications:BUR; PVC; TPO; SMS; most low slope roofs (7°/12 percent max slope)
Materials:Aluminum (5052-H32; 6005A-T61), TPV, stainless steel, galvanized steel
Grounding:Fully integrated grounding
ETL listed to 2703
Fire Rating:Class A
Module Compatability:All major 60- and 72-cell brands
Installation Rates:A four-person crew working a 7.5 hour day can install up to 300 modules/day
Testing:Precision-Modular RMS’ design is based on the results of extensive testing including: boundary layer wind tunnel tests; advanced structural analysis; UL testing; and seismic testing and analysis.
Warranty:15 years
Manufacturing:Can be ARRA compliant.
Permit Package:Stamped permit packages available for all 50 US states and most international locations.


Precision-Modular RMS is the newest addition to SunLink’s quality engineered, aluminum Precision RMS commercial roof mount solar racking family — offering Precision RMS quality at a much lower price point.

What Configurations Are Available?

Precision-Modular is available for 60 and 72-cell modules and 10 degree tilt.

What Layout Advantages Does Precision-Modular Offer?

Precision-Modular RMS’ building-block design is assembled, laid out and installed module-by-module to maximize layout flexibility. One of the system’s most significant advantages is it’s ability to accommodate last-minute, on-roof changes.

Tell Me About Cost and Lead Times

Precision-Modular is able to dramatically reduce costs and delivery times through standard inventory.

Is Precision-Modular Easy to Install?

Precision-Modular is so lightweight and easy to install that it can be assembled by one person.

What Wiring Features Does It Offer?

Integrated wire management trays and clipsreduce on-roof time compared with other wire management strategies and integrated grounding saves additional time and money.

How Can I Ensure Proper On-Roof Measurement?

SunLink provides simple attachments that you can use to transform one of your project modules into a fool-proof jig. This jig auto-aligns and auto-spaces all components with proper measurement, improving installation throughput and quality.

How Does the System Distribute Loads?

The system is fully connected north/south and east/west to better distribute loads, and does not rely on the module frame as a structural element.

Is Precision-Modular Roof-Friendly?

Like all SunLink RMS products, Precision-Modular RMS features rubber feet which absorb thermal expansion within the system and prevent any metal from touching the roof — often eliminating the need for slip sheets. The system is also certified by UL labs as having a class A system fire classification rating with all type 1 and 2 solar modules.

How Does Precision-Modular Enable Optimized Energy Yields?

Precision-Modular RMS is configured according to latitude and customer preference with project-specific row spacing to optimize project density and/or energy production. Plus, the system’s compact deflector design enables significantly more project density than other roof mount systems.



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