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Technical Specifications

Minimum Cross-Sectional Area of Wire Tray: 1.22 in2

Precison-Modular RMS Wire Management

Precision-Modular’s Wire Support Clips (E/W) and Wire Trays (N/S) will help you achieve new levels of installation efficiency. Customers who have used our integrated solutions report saving an average of 40% in on-roof time compared with other wire management strategies.

  • Seamless Integration:
    Precision-Modular’s Wire Support Clips and Wire Trays were designed to fit seamlessly with Precision-Modular mounting hardware. This integrated approach enhances performance, durability, installation efficiency and aesthetics. Installing Precision-Modular’s clips and trays require no on-roof fabrication. When running wires N/S, the single-piece trays install between two modules and are secured by just two bolts per tray. When running wires E/W, the clips snap effortlessly onto Precision-Modular’s North Strut.
  • Lower Cost + Higher Quality:
    When measuring total installed cost, our integrated solution is a fraction of the cost of third party trays, conduit and other wire management tools. When you buy the Precision-Modular Wire Support Clips and Wire trays, you get products manufactured with premium quality stainless steel (clips) and corrosion-resistant aluminum (trays) without a premium price tag.
  • Superior Wire Protection:
    Precision-Modular Wire Support Clips and Wire Trays eliminate dangerous wire clutter on the roof — guarding against accidents, shorts and wire damage for the lifespan of your solar array.




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