GeoPro is Ideal for Today’s Fixed-Tilt Project Realities

September 29, 2015

With utility-scale ground mount installations continuing to drive the solar industry, SunLink is working hard to expand the feature sets of its fixed tilt vand tracker systems to help our project partners realize greater success. The latest testament to these efforts is the newly unveiled GeoPro* fixed tilt system. *GeoPro was formerly known as Large-Scale GMS.

GeoPro is designed to meet ground-mount project challenges head on – challenges like space restrictions, steep or uneven terrain, demanding lead times and module variations. LinkUp had the opportunity to hear more from SunLink’s VP of Products Kate Trono about the new offering in a recent conversation.

“In the first few years of utility-scale solar farm construction, a great deal of time was taken to prepare sites and smooth surfaces as much as possible. Fast forward to today, and installer priorities have done a 180, focusing on how quickly a system can be installed with as little site prep work as possible,” said Trono. “We created GeoPro to be one of the most flexible products on the market to allow our customers to deploy as rapidly as possible, even in the face of unexpected site developments or last-minute module changes.”

Large-Scale GMS on Rolling TerrainAnd GeoPro does exactly that in three key ways:

  1. Industry-leading 20 percent east-west terrain following capability enables installation on ungraded sites as well as those with constant slope or rolling terrain.
  2. Incremental array sizing design via smaller tables streamlines project design.
  3. Module independent design eliminates any delays formerly posed by changes in module choice.

Then Kate shared a quick animation to demonstrate how flexible the new product can be.

“With this product, we can solve any challenges encountered on a project site. We also focus on an efficient, integrated mechanical and electrical design. The purlins double as wire management trays eliminating the need to trench within an array. By developing our products with this bigger picture in mind, we’re able to help our customers continue to expand market growth into 2017 and beyond.

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