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Technical Specifications

Size of Conductors: 8 GA or smaller
Maximum # of Conductors: Up to 50. See NFPA70 : NEC Article 376.21
Cross-Sectional Area of Wire Tray: 4 in2
Ampacity Adjustment Factor Calculations:: Per NEC 376.22 (B), adjustment factors in 310.15(B)(2) shall be applied only where the number of current carrying conductors exceeds 30. When calculating adjustment factors per NEC 310.15(B)(2)(c) note the Wire Tray is typically 1-3 in. off the surface of the roof.
Compliant with Specifications: NFPA70 : NEC Article 376.21

SunLink RMS Wire Management

The SunLink RMS integrated wire management solution will help you achieve new levels of installation efficiency. Customers who have used this solution report saving an average of 40% in on-roof time compared with other wire management strategies.

  • Seamless Integration:
    SunLink RMS wire management was designed to fit seamlessly with existing SunLink RMS hardware. This integrated approach enhances performance, durability, installation efficiency and aesthetics.
  • 40% faster:
    Installing SunLink RMS wire management solution requires no on-roof fabrication. Components simply snap in place. Whether north-south or east-west, assembly requires only one tool and three components per run. Splices, t-joints and cross-joints make any configuration easy. Plus, the solution employs single-point grounding, requiring only one ground lug per continuous, connected tray section.
  • Lower Cost + Higher Quality:
    Our solution is a fraction of the cost of zip ties, conduit and other wire management tools. When you buy the SunLink RMS wire management solution, you get a product manufactured with premium quality corrosion-resistant aluminum without a premium price tag.
  • Superior Wire Protection:
    The SunLink RMS wire management solution eliminates dangerous wire clutter on the roof — guarding against accidents, shorts and wire damage. Both the wire management system hardware and the wires and cables it protects will maintain day-one quality for the entire lifespan of your solar array.

 Can also be used as a ventilated cable tray compliant with NFPA70 : NEC Article 392.


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