Hard-Wired to Make Wiring Easier

July 1, 2013

When it comes to supporting installers on the roof, SunLink tries to offer solutions that do so from every possible angle. At least that’s what it sounded like to LinkUp when we sat down with our VP of Project Management, Yury, to learn more about wire management for the Precision RMS product.

Of course, the primary drivers behind the development of SunLink’s new Precision RMS wire clips were lowering installation costs and improving installation times for our installer customers.

“We ship one free wire clip per module with every Precision RMS system. The clips can hold up to three wires directly, a zip-tied bundle of wires or conduit,” explains Yury. “It’s simple — we don’t think of wire management as separate and distinct from the mounting hardware. Instead, we design integrated wiring+racking solutions that fit seamlessly together and provide them to customers as a turn-key package – which of course is a more efficient way to install solar, both in terms of time and money.”

But keeping installer needs in mind doesn’t end with the economics.

“The other installer-centric driver behind our wire clip design was ease of use. Many wire management solutions can be a real pain – literally – they’re so hard to attach that an installers’ thumbs are really banged up by the end of the day. We wanted to make sure that wasn’t the case with our product. They snap easily into place anywhere along Precision RMS’ aluminum extrusions and stay there with no-slip positive retention.”

If you think Precision RMS wire clips sound as good as we think they do, contact your SunLink sales representative for a free sample and see for yourself!


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