Project Management Around the Globe

December 3, 2015

The range of services available through SunLink’s signature PowerCare program is growing quickly, but customers still count the long-standing project management service among their favorites. Why? From the moment an order is placed until it is generating power, SunLink’s dedicated team of Project Managers is on the phone, on video conference and on the ground focused on ensuring that projects progress without a hitch.

Now that SunLink’s project portfolio is becoming increasingly international, what does that mean for our Project Managers? Business as usual, says Taner Kipfer. Except of course that he and his colleagues are collectively racking up quite a few frequent flyer miles! LinkUp had the chance to sit down with Taner to talk about the PM team’s global operations and his recent visit to one of SunLink’s projects in Honduras.

“When it comes to our larger and/or more complex projects, it’s important to SunLink to have project management boots on the ground to handle on-site material review, installation training and more. We’ve even hired dedicated on-site project managers for some projects who become part of the on-site team every day, from start to finish. That commitment doesn’t change with the project’s location. We’re proud of our reputation as partners and problem solvers, and our on-site project management support is a big part of that.”

SunLink was eager to tackle 37 MW of fixed tilt ground mount projects in Honduras. With some of the worlSunLink Project Management in Hondurasd’s best irradiance resources and grid parity or near grid parity for solar pricing in so many countries, Latin America holds an incredible amount of promise toward achieving SunLink’s goal of universal solar power adoption.

”Certain aspects of the Project Management required for the Honduras portfolio were more complex, such as shipping to the region and security — the solar farms had more than a dozen heavily armed security officers around their perimeter 24 hours a day, seven days a week!  But when it came to the boots on the ground support, the team I worked with when I arrived in Honduras was no different than the solar EPCs and installers we work with in any other country in the sense that they were excited about the project and its potential to improve lives in their community and were working hard to bring it the solar farm to life. I was greeted with handshakes and friendly smiles from the moment I debarked the plane, through the site visit, and around the local community.”

The moral of the story? While the distance our Project Managers are required to travel may be growing longer, the lengths to which they will go to support our customers and ensure project success remain the same regardless of geography. Stay tuned for more news from the SunLink World Tour! #GlobalSolar

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