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Technical Specifications

 Tilt Angles  10°, 15°, 20°, 25°, 30° 15°, 20°, 25°, 30°
Grade of Terrain  20% grade changes can be accommodated with standard components. For greater grade changes, our designers will work with your team to reduce unnecessary pre-installation civil work.  8% grade changes can be accommodated with standard components. For greater grade changes, our designers will work with your team to reduce unnecessary pre-installation civil work.
Materials  Galvanized steel components; stainless steel and galvanized steel fasteners
Grounding  Fully integrated grounding. ETL listing to UL 2703. Tables may be bonded together using SunLink’s UL 467 listed Table Splices to form a continuous GeoPro rack.
Module Compatibility  All major framed brands, including Solar Frontier.
Standard purlin hole spacing is designed to accept a module mounting width range from 922-966mm /36.28”-38.09”. For modules outside of this range,
a custom hole pattern is required.
 All major framed or frameless brands.
 Foundation Flexibility  W section, screw pile, helical or ballast  W section, screw pile or ballast
In-Field Flexibility  +/-.5” vertical, +/- 1” east-west, +/-1” north-south, 2° rotation about post vertical axis, 1° out of plumb
Additional vertical flexibility can be achieved via installation tolerances on post embedment depth.
 +/- 1” vertical, +/-1” east-west, +/- .5” north-south, +/-2° rotation about post vertical axis, 2° rotation about post vertical axis, 1° out of plumb
 Installation Rates  A four-person crew working a 7.5 hour day can install more than 255 modules/day.
Testing GeoPro’s design is based on extensive testing and validation including boundary layer wind tunnel and mechanical tests.
Warranty 20 years
Manufacturing Can be ARRA compliant


  • A Foundation Solution for Any Project
    W section, round post, screw pile, helical pile, cast-in-place ballast or a hybrid.
  • Total Module Independence
    Framed or frameless modules, and every major module type.
  • In-Field Flexibility
    Industry-leading vertical, east/west and north/south in-field adjustability to simplify installation and improve aesthetics.
  • Terrain Following
    Industry-leading 20% east-west terrain following capability, whether constant grade, constant slope or rolling hills.


Formerly known as Large-Scale GMS, SunLink’s fixed tilt PV solution has been renamed GeoPro to underscore its solve-any-challenge flexibility.

Trusted in connection with more than 1 GW of PV projects, SunLink’s GeoPro solar fixed tilt solution solves a wide-range of challenges associated with commercial and utility-scale ground mount PV projects, including irregular site boundaries, steep or uneven terrain, last-minute module changes, pile driving refusals and snow loads of up to 70 psf.

Product Packages

Product packages are designed to provide EPCs and developers with increased product pricing transparency and greater customization to meet the unique needs of the full spectrum of solar projects.


Standard Package

Includes world-class engineering, stamped structural packages, and project management support to ensure success on every size project

Speed Package

Bolsters the standard package with the inclusion of components specially designed for maximum adjustability, and delivery of ready-to-install, pre-assembled parts. Perfect for projects where installation efficiency is the top priority.


Tell Me About Pricing and Lead Times

Through universal parts and a module-independent design, GeoPro can be offered at the industry’s lowest price point and with the shortest lead times.

GeoPro is Ideal for Projects of What Size?

GeoPro is an ideal solution for utility-scale and commercial solar projects of 100 kW and larger.

What Tilt Angles are Possible?

GeoPro’s tilt can range from 10° to 30°.

What Foundation Options Exist? Do you Have a Ballasted Ground Mount Option?

The system offers maximum foundation flexibility for soils of all types, including i-beam, round post, screw pile, helical pile, ballast or a hybrid of more than one.

Can GeoPro be Installed in Harsh Environments?

GeoPro can be adapted to any commercial or utility-scale PV project site and optimized for a project’s unique wind, snow and geotech conditions in even the world’s harshest environments.  The system is able to accommodate snow loads of up to 70 psf and wind loads of up to 160 mph.

ROLLING TERRAINCan the System Be Installed on Difficult Terrain?

The ground mount solar system boasts an industry-leading 20 percent east-west terrain following capability on both constant slope or rolling terrain, while allowing piles to be installed plumb.

What Modules Can Be Installed on the GeoPro System?

GeoPro can accommodate all major framed and frameless PV modules. In addition, the system is module independent – able to accommodate last minute module choice changes without requiring any changes to project design. Customers can choose landscape or portrait module orientation depending on their commercial or utility-scale solar project priorities.

Can I use First Solar modules with GeoPro?

Yes. SunLink is a First Solar Optimized Vendor Partner, and our mounting systems work seamlessly with First Solar modules.

What Sort of Project Density Is Possible with GeoPro?

Small table sizes arrays can be sized incrementally to maximize a site’s installed solar.

How Can GeoPro Mitigate Pile Driving Refusals?

It is possible to swap in a ballasted foundation without changing the system configuration.

What Wiring Advantages does GeoPro Offer?

Both wire management and grounding are integrated into the racking, simplifying total balance of system complexity and significantly lowering both labor and material costs.

Does SunLink Offer Turn-Key Services?

From project inception through completion, SunLink sets the standard in customer responsiveness. Our team of engineers, field services managers and project managersassist with all aspects of design, structural optimization and project implementation. Through our signature PowerCare service program, SunLink offers a  complete range of installation services including geotechnical testing, post installation, mechanical installation and module installation. Regardless of project size, we scale production and delivery to meet your needs.



Why Contact SunLink Today?

With help from the SunLink team, discover the power of what’s possible for your next ground mount project. Trusted for more than 10 years and in connection with more than 1 GW of projects worldwide, put our advanced engineering, product innovation, cost optimization and long-term ROI experience to work for you. Use our online form to connect with an expert.


  • GeoPro Fixed Tilt on Hilly Terrain Installed by PowerCare

    Hildebran, NC
    13.5 MW Portfolio

  • GeoPro Fixed-Tilt System with First Solar Modules

    Panhandle of FL
    165 MW Portfolio

  • GeoPro Fixed-Tilt System with Pull Testing and Installation by PowerCare

    Sheffield, MA
    1.4 MW

  • GeoPro Fixed-Tilt System with First Solar Modules

    Moapa Paiutes’ Tribal Land, NV
    250 MW

  • GeoPro Fixed Tilt System with Ballasted Foundation

    Ludlow, MA Landfill
    2.6 MW

  • GeoPro Fixed-Tilt System with Ballasted Foundation

    Easton, MA Landfill
    1.9 MW

  • GeoPro Fixed Tilt System

    Adelanto, CA
    3.8 MW

  • GeoPro Fixed-Tilt System

    37 MW

  • GeoPro Fixed-Tilt System with Cast-In-Place Ballasted Foundation

    Holyoke, MA
    949 kW

  • GeoPro Fixed-Tilt System and PowerCare Pull Testing on Farm

    Central Valley, CA
    2 MW Portfolio

  • GeoPro Fixed-Tilt System

    Metter, GA
    74 MW