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Data Monitoring for Improved Financial ReturnsHow What Your Data Monitoring Isn’t Telling You is Threatening Your Financial Returns

When it comes to data monitoring, too many unanswered questions still exist about system performance. Project owners haven’t been able to answer the critical ‘why?’ when comparisons of expected to actual energy and financial returns don’t align, leaving them at a loss as to how to get their project back on track. Until now.

This white paper discusses next generation monitoring and SCADA technology and how the improved business intelligence and remote capabilities these technologies provide can bolster project returns in significant ways. It takes a look at real-world project examples that demonstrate how smart data monitoring can inform incremental changes to improve project performance, as well as how remote SCADA controls informed by data alerts can rein in costs. The paper also address cybersecurity concerns and how mitigating security risks while maximizing project potential must be top of mind in this new era of smarter solar.

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