Combiner Box Mounting Solutions

December 1, 2013

If you’re a regular LinkUp reader, you know that one of the things we’re proudest of here at SunLink is the fact that we look at mounting systems as part of an integrated balance of system package. We believe that when components are designed to work seamlessly together, it improves system quality, simplifies installation, reduces time in the field and lowers total installed cost. That philosophy drives much of our system design, including our new combiner box mounting solutions. LinkUp sat down with combiner box engineer Daniel to learn more.

“Typically, combiner boxes are purchased separately from the racking, and usually at a later date,” explained Daniel. “The problem is, this approach leaves contractors stranded in the field trying to invent a custom mounting solution using off the shelf parts from the hardware store to mount the boxes on the racking. The solution they devise is not always going to be the most cost effective or the most advantageous method and may not be engineered to last the lifetime of the project. An even greater concern is that the solution they invent might put loads onto the racking that affect the structural calculations and contribute to a structural failure of the racking.”

Daniel says that SunLink’s goal in developing an integrated solution was to eliminate this common customer pain-point and make it easy.

“We designed combiner box mounting solutions for both our roof mount and our ground mount products that attach seamlessly to our racking. The mounts are engineered to resist corrosion, not impact the structural capacity of the racking and last the lifetime of the project. At the same time, our solutions are more cost effective than shopping at the hardware store. Our customers have been thrilled to learn they can have a better product and save money at the same time.”

With trusted roof and ground mount products, the HomeRun line of combiner boxes and mounting hardware to install the two together in the field, SunLink’s BOS promise continues to deliver for our customers.


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