Interpreting Geotechnical Results: What to Look For and How to Best Leverage the Data

Commissioning a geotechnical investigation is an essential part of ensuring that your utility-scale or commercial ground mount solar installation is successful and bankable over the long term. That said, how do you interpret the reports you receive to ensure you’re leveraging the findings to your best advantage? Site Observations and Conditions First, carefully review what…

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Don’t Let Your Soil Eat Away Your Profits

Corrosion involves a complex, open system with many variables. Taking the time to do a thorough geotechnical assessment as part of a commercial or utility-scale ground mount solar project can ensure you understand the interaction of these variables and are able to calculate and design a reliable system for long-term performance. What are those variables?…

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Pile Testing: Investing a Little to Save a Lot

Investing in pile testing as part of a commercial or utility-scale solar project diligence phase is one of the smartest spends you can make. In fact, there are few other strategies that provide such an immediate return on the investment of time and money. How? A thorough geotechnical assessment with on-site pile testing can reveal…

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The Secrets Beneath the Surface

Tempted to skip pile testing as you prepare for your next commercial or utility-scale fixed-tilt or tracker ground mount project? You might want to reconsider. Only with a thorough geotechnical assessment can you learn the secrets hidden below the surface of your project site – knowledge that is essential to inform product selection, product design…

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Insight & Predictability Yield Superior Projects

In the early days of ground mount solar, load testing was standard protocol. To optimize bankability, project developers and EPCs recognized the importance of assessing geotechnical conditions as a means to make project installation timelines and costs more predictable, reduce risk and improve project outcomes. Fast forward to today — with the industry’s increasing pressure…

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The Power to Take on More

Until now, the mid-range tracker and fixed tilt ground mount market has been too-often neglected as projects in this market aren’t big enough to attract the interest of most large EPCs and yet require capacity beyond that of most small commercial and residential installers. As a result, this sizable industry segment has been historically been under-served…

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