During Solar Power International 2017, SunLink introduced a completely new set of product packages for its market-leading GeoPro fixed tilt solution and the company’s most technologically advanced tracker available in the market today, TechTrack. The new product packages are designed to take the guesswork out of deciding which solutions best meet our customers’ specific needs,…

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The Energy Industry Needs to Take A Test Drive

Though self-driving cars for the masses are still a few years off, anyone who has spent time shopping for a new car lately can attest that the range of intelligent automotive design innovations now available is remarkable. Cars are able to park themselves, help drivers avoid collisions, serve as a connected device on wheels and…

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SunLink Project Testing Streamlines Permitting

Although the California Building Code has explicitly accepted the use of fully ballasted rooftop solar installations starting with its 2013 edition, it wasn’t until 2014 that fully ballasted systems finally started to gain ground in California. Understandably, as building codes change, it takes time for the industry to get up to speed. But now solar…

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Structural Guidelines for Low-Slope PV Arrays

After reading the front page story in Solar Industry this month entitled “New Structural Design Guidelines for Low-Slope Roof PV Arrays,” LinkUp sat down with the article’s author and SunLink’s Chief Structural Engineer Rob to learn more. It’s no secret that tilted, low-profile solar arrays on low-slope roofs have been and will likely continue to be…

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