A Peek into SunLink Logistics

January 15, 2013

LinkUp took a field trip to San Leandro, CA, about 40 miles South of SunLink headquarters, to visit the 35,000 square foot SunLink warehouse and training facility. It was there we were able to touch base with Matt, one of SunLink’s Project Specialists, to catch a glimpse of the Logistics and Operations department in action.

The warehouse itself is a multipurpose facility that we utilize in a variety of ways. Of course, we handle inventory, in-house fabrication, shipping and receiving, and packaging here, but we also regularly deliver hands-on customer training,” explained Matt.On one side of the warehouse, you’ll find loading docks, fork lifts, fabrication machines, and industrial shelving, while on the other customers are greeted by a fully-equipped training facility with full-scale demo systems of our roof and ground mount products that is regularly visited by our solar partners from across the country.

“It’s important to us to maintain these full-scale systems on site to allow our customers to touch and feel our products and practice assembling them before material arrives at a particular project site ,” described Matt. “This is extremely helpful in familiarizing installation crews with individual components as well as the installation process as a whole.”On the traditional supply chain side of things, Matt and  the rest of SunLink’s Logistics and Operations team are responsible for a slew of tasks after a project is finalized. Moving orders into fabrication begins the process as the team looks to confirm completion dates for all custom system components. Simultaneously, additional materials Logistics2that can be taken from warehouse inventory are picked and verified by warehouse personnel. Once quality control has been completed, the order gets packaged and palletized in preparation for shipping. Once a firm delivery date is provided by the installer, the team books transportation for the PV racking via truck, boat or plane depending on the material and delivery site. Finally, packaged material is transported and freight tracking information is provided to the purchaser.
“We invite any of our customers to visit us in San Leandro,” says Matt. “Whether they want to take part in our training or see our warehouse and order fulfillment up close, we’re always eager to share our processes in hopes of making the customer’s installation experience as smooth as possible.”


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